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This is an audio streaming program originated from Swedish, which provides music and podcasts from record labels and media companies. This program is both free and premium. The free program features advertisements and automatic music videos. While on the other hand the premium program includes improved streaming quality. This program is globally used and have been able to gather 207 million active user and this includes 96 million people who a using the premium feature.

Spotify operates under freemium business model i.e. Basic services are free, While additional features are offered to paid subscribers. At first spotify offered its users that they can download the music but later on this feature was removed. And later after it the track downloading feature was allotted to paid subscribers. This program offers application in both android and iOS, and it is able to work in al sort of operating systems. Spotify also features a web player for those users who don’t want to download the application.



  • Shuffle play in application
  • Your library
  • Download music and also podcats
  • You can also use spotify radio
  • You can also view lyrics
  • Also enjoy videos
  • Play queue and history
  • Sort filter
  • Concert
  • Auto play
  • Artist profile
  • Local files
  • Fans first email


Why spotify

Spotify allows its user to browsed music and user are able to search through various parameters such as genre, playlist, album, or artist. User is able to create his own playlist, share and edit the track. This program is available in most of the countries across the globe, and to be more precise 79 countries in total.



When your mobile is connected to the internet, sotify officially website give you the notification that “update is available of your version”. By clicking on the notification you can easily update your application by just one click.



Registration key






How to install

Download the software from given link. After downloading open and click on install. Click on custom setting and mark the “accept all terms and conditions”. Click on “next” on right bottom of the installation menu wait for a while.


How to download  

You have to simply click on the link given below and you can easily download your desire software which is spotify.



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